Technology Cases

Tech products present unique challenges due to the rapid pace of innovation and dynamic competitive environment.  VMA’s value-based approach has helped dozens of clients implement robust and flexible growth strategies

Our experience covers diverse markets such as computing, data storage, electronic components, medical devices, video and audio equipment, semiconductors and consumer gaming systems

Semiconductor Go-to-Market Strategy


Problem: A global broad line semiconductor maker needed to increase growth in key end-market applications while simultaneously reducing channel-related costs

Solution: We redesigned the client’s go-to-market strategy based on value to the customer. The team restructured the direct/distributor coverage model, identified a product bundling strategy to increase share of the BOM in target applications and developed a coordinated sales and support model across channels

B2B Tech Support

Problem: The client’s largest account initiated a procurement-led supplier review and threatened to pull the business unless the client made substantial price concessions

Solution: We supported the Executive team and the VP of Sales throughout the review by helping them assess their value to the account, present a compelling business case and counter aggressive procurement tactics. The client retained the account with a price increase

Sales and negotiation support for technology services
Strategic pricing for electronic components

Electronic  Components

Problem: A start-up had an opportunity to supply its innovative display screens for a high-volume, low-price application.  The management team needed to manage the risk posed by undercutting the price for the same product in a highly profitable niche market

Solution: We established the value of the new technology and identified key differences between each application. Working with Product Management, we created application-specific versions of the product that could be sold at very different value-based prices and supported the sales team in their initial price negotiations

IT Infrastructure

Problem: A global leader in IT hardware was struggling to develop pricing for an innovative product that enabled seamless storage virtualization

Solution: Working with Product Management we identified the sources of product differentiation and all relevant customer value drivers. We established the major use cases and quantified the value of the product for each. We then developed a non-traditional pricing model that aligned price and value across the major use cases and market segments

Product Strategy and Strategic Pricing for IT Infrastructure

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