Sales Support 

Even the best pricing or product strategy is doomed to failure unless Sales has the ability to communicate value to the customer and defend prices from aggressive buyers

At VMA we have a long track record helping sales organizations improve performance by developing customer targeting and value-selling tools, mining sales and negotiation data to win better deals, supporting high-stakes negotiations and training sales teams to sell on value

Enterprise Software
Problem: A global software leader was facing declining attach rates and a lengthening sales cycle for add-ons to their core product

Solution: Working with a cross-functional client team we reconfigured the add-ons into solution-oriented modules addressing specific business problems. We also supported the sales team during the pilot and launch phase by developing tools to enable them to target the right accounts, explain the new pricing and sell on value

Vertical Market SaaS Application
Problem: A market-leading SaaS provider’s largest customer threatened to switch to a competitor that was offering a 50% lower price

Solution: Our analysis showed that the client was overpriced relative to value for some services, but the competitor could not provide the same total economic benefit across the entire SaaS suite. We worked with the account team to deflect aggressive procurement tactics and force the issue of value by offering two different price-value solutions. The client won the business with only a modest price reduction

Sales Support SaaS
Sales Support and Value-based Selling Industrial Products
Fluid Handling Systems
Problem: A leading manufacturer of fluid handling systems was under increasing price pressure from Chinese manufacturers for its high-efficiency, high performance pumps

Solution: We worked closely with the Sales and Engineering teams to identify key value drivers by customer type, segment the market, identify the best targets, model the lifecycle value of high-efficiency pumps to ship owners and design a value-based tool to facilitate sales conversations. Working with the account team, we piloted the tool in a sales opportunity with the world’s largest ship owner

Specialized SaaS Platform
Problem: One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies had developed a highly innovative SaaS platform for call centers, but was unsure whether customers would accept a premium price

Solution: We developed an offer structure and a pricing model for the platform that highlighted its value and allowed the client to capture a premium price. We created a value-based selling tool, integrated the tool into their sales process and trained the sales force. We then worked closely with a set of account teams to close favorable deals at nine initial target accounts

Sales Support Value-Based Selling Training SaaS

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