Industrial Products 

Industrial products and services have been a central part of VMA’s practice for over 25 years.  In that time, we have helped clients develop and launch new products, create winning pricing strategies and implement value-based sales and negotiation programs

Our experience covers OEM products, components, commodity and specialty chemicals, distribution, heavy equipment and power distribution

Value-base selling tool for Industrial Automation
Manufacturing Automation
Problem: A global provider of industrial automation equipment wanted to provide customers with estimates of the value of upgrading to the new generation of products

Solution: We built a comprehensive value-driver database and value-based selling tool. The database captured all of the relevant value drivers for six key manufacturing markets and included benchmark data that allowed estimates of value to be tailored to each customer

Commercial Building Technology
Problem: The client had developed an innovative technology for commercial buildings. But growth was stalling because they did not understand which sectors valued the product most highly making it harder to focus sales efforts effectively

Solution: We quantified the value of the product for different building types and end uses, sized the market, and prioritized the best opportunities. The value quantification enabled Sales to have fact-based discussions about value specific to each customer’s market

Market Segmentation and Sales Targeting for Commercial Building Technology
Strategic Pricing for Construction Products
Construction Products
Problem: A leading manufacturer wanted to rationalize its pricing across regions, products, and distribution partners to create better alignment with the value delivered

Solution: The VMA team evaluated current pricing practices, cataloged key inconsistencies in pricing and quantified the value of the client’s products to contractors and distributors. We identified market dynamics that were causing changes in how customers assessed price and value, and then developed a plan to rationalize pricing and configure the offering to better deliver value

Industrial Products
Problem: A heavy industrial supplier needed to maximize the cash generated by its main product in a mature market to fund the launch of innovative new products over the upcoming two years

Solution: We led a multi-day strategy offsite for the client’s top business, technical, and sales executives focused on product and pricing strategy. We shared best practices for managing price pressure from aggressive customers and helped the team identify a set of product, pricing, and sales strategies to enable them to bring their new products to market successfully

Heavy Industrial Product Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Sales Strategy
Industrial Distribution Growth Strategy
Industrial Distribution
Problem: The client was facing declining margins and stagnant growth due to increasing competition and intense price pressure. Management mandated a reexamination of all aspects of the business to improve EBITDA

Solution: We developed a deep understanding of the value of their services for different types of customers. We combined this with an assessment of customer and product profitability to rationalize the product portfolio and customer base. We launched 6 client-led teams implementing changes that produced a 50% improvement in EBITDA

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