Software & Data 

Software and data products are a special focus for VMA.  We have helped clients launch new SaaS offerings, design new pricing models, reconfigure product lines and transition from Licensed to SaaS models

Our experience covers enterprise applications, data and analytics platforms, vertical market software, e-commerce and electronic marketplaces, consumer applications and industrial software

SaaS Product Strategy and Strategic Pricing
Corporate Wellness Platform
Problem: A leading SaaS provider needed to re-think its packaging and pricing because of rapidly changing market conditions

Solution: We used rapid-cycle quantitative market research and analysis to validate and optimize a new offer structure. The new structure was simpler, more modular, and offered a clearer expansion path for customers while delivering significant incremental revenue

Big Data Platform
Problem: Key accounts for a big data SaaS firm were pushing back on pricing and reducing their expansion into new use cases

Solution: We restructured the offer and pricing to address the economic and operational barriers to broader use in large enterprises. We designed a true large enterprise tier with special service levels and rationalized the pricing of the SaaS offer to better reflect its value

Big Data Software Strategic Pricing
SaaS Research Platform Product Strategy and Strategic Pricing
SaaS Research Platform
Problem: An early-stage company needed to adapt its initial pricing model to reach new users and make the business more scalable

Solution: We developed segment-focused offer tiers and restructured pricing to increase incentives for self-service.  The revised model led to faster growth and higher margins

HR Data / Analytics
Problem: The merger of two SaaS providers in the HR space required a rapid rationalization of their pricing and offer structure

Solution: By working closely with both management teams we were able to identify major use cases, model value to the customer for each case and develop a simplified joint pricing structure for the initial integrated solution.  We also developed a roadmap for the evolution of the pricing model to track the joint product development plan

SaaS Strategic Pricing

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