Product Strategy Cases

VMA has a unique approach to product strategy that relies on deep insights into customer value to improve product management and development decisions

We have used this approach to help clients prioritize new product features for development, develop bundles to target high value customer groups, create product versions to increase market penetration, redesign product development processes, and develop winning go-to-market strategies

Product Strategy for Signal Processing Equipment

Signal Processing Equipment

Problem: The subscription support business was under severe pressure as customers increasingly decided to forego support contracts for their equipment and software

Solution: We developed a value-based segmentation of the market and identified customer groups whose needs were not being met by the existing offers. We were able to increase attach rates and improve margins by restructuring and re-pricing the support tiers

Enterprise SaaS Application

Problem: A provider of targeted HR applications was having difficulty expanding into adjacent functional areas

Solution: Working with Product Management, we identified a set of use cases that included the core HR software as well as applications in adjacent functions. We developed a bundling and pricing strategy based on these combinations to drive growth while improving margins

Product Strategy for an Enterprise SaaS Application
Product Strategy for Display Technology

Display Technology

Problem: A start-up had an opportunity to supply its innovative display screens for a high-volume, low-price application.  The management team needed to manage the risk posed by undercutting the price for the same product in a highly profitable niche market

Solution: We established the value of the new technology and identified key differences between each application. Working with Product Management, we created application-specific versions of the product that could be sold at very different value-based prices and supported the sales team in their initial price negotiations

High Performance Fibers

Problem: A global supplier of ultrahigh-performance fibers needed to respond to price pressure and capacity additions from offshore competitors providing a product that was “good enough” for some applications

Solution: We worked with the client to reallocate its capacity to the applications and geographic markets where its capabilities were most highly valued. The analysis accounted for customer value drivers, product differentiation, likely competitive response and anticipated pricing impact

Product Strategy for High Performance Fibers

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